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Hi I'm Shristi. I'm a second year student at The University of Texas at Austin pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Linguistics, and a minor in Interdiscipinary Disability Studies. I have experience with cross-platform app development, language processing models, multi-camera kinect calibration research, and backend databasing. I aspire to be a data scientist specializing in language and behavioral analysis — exploring solutions into decreasing the technology accessibility gap for people with disabilities and from those of underpriveleged communities. I hope to apply my app dev experience to ML and create unique products that individually address community concerns.

I am currently the Corporate Director of Freetail Hackers, an organization dedicated to hosting HackTX annually. HackTX is the largest student-run hackathon in the state of Texas, and as Corporate Director, I lead a team of 8 other corporate organizers to secure funding for our hackathons that happen throughout the year. I am also a researcher for the Cardiac Arrest Prediction Team in Texas Engineering World Health Organization for which I develop a Machine Learning algorithm to predict the oncoming of a cardiac arrest given a dataset of ECG heart beat signals.

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A cross-platform app developed to better engage the elderly demography.

Texas Engineering for World Health

Developer and Researcher for the Cardiac Arrythmia Prediction Team, responsible for developing a machine learning model to predict cardiac arrests given datasets of real-time ECG data from patients. I am part of the software team that will be integrated with a hardware patent.


Summer 2021: I will be a part of the Relativity Trace team responsible for utilizing databases to integrate internal risk assessment projects. More details to come soon...

WICS Hacks

Led a beginner to flutter workshop for WICS Hacks. A hackathon dedicated to creating a space for women and underrepresented communities in Tech to come together and create a technical project.

Freetail Hackers

Corporate Director : lead a team of 8 others to acquire annual company sponsorship for our 36 hour hackathon - HackTX. In the past I was a corporate organizer and helped coordinate and run HackTX 2020, SummerHacks, and Leap Hacks.


Led a beginner to flutter workshop for SummerHacks. A hackathon dedicated to creating a space for covid affected students to come together and create a 12 week long technical project.

Srijan Technologies

Summer 2020: 12 week internship — Developed a cross-platform news app using Flutter, SQLite, OAuth, and Drupal CMS.

Freshman Research Initiative

Jan - Dec 2020: Conducted research on multi-camera kinect calibration in real-time, and research on real-time identity tracking of people using Darknet YoloV3 and Deepsort Algorithms.

Juni Learning

May - Nov 2020: Taught 1-1 project-based lessons in Python and Java. Inspired elementary to high school students to develop creative and interactive projects.

Code Ninjas

Summer 2019: Worked as a Camp Instructor (Sensei) for over 100 elementary to middle school students. Introduced them to Web Development, App Development, Python, 3D modeling, and Robotics.

Wellness n Vitality

I created this website for my mom's health coaching practice and business. Developed on WordPress.

Shardha Shinkara Seva

A cross-platform app developed for Swayam Pakam, a non-profit in India aiming to provide COVID-19 relief to impoverished villagers.


A cross-platform app developed to highlight local areas of attraction while travelling.


A cross-platform app developed to help Alzheimer's and Dementia patients remember daily activities, loved ones, milestone events, and favorite places.

Card 1

A farewell card that opens up to show a little surpirse.

Card 4

A partial box card in which each side has increasing cards filled with memories and images

Card 5

A surprise box card on which opening it yields memories, back of each image contains a message